A universe timer for time management

I am looking for a good GTD tools recently. I tried difference tools, such as Aijintian, todoist and so on. But no one looks perfect for me until I found toggl. Toggl is a timer which support Android, browser and many platform. The cool thing is toggl could act as an plugin in all the website in chrome.

To start, set the permission in the following dialog, I choose enable all: toggl__set_permisstion_for_app

Note: After I enable it there is not toggl timer icon in my trello. But it is ok in the afternoon of the same day.

Then I could start time in my trello. Toggl will set the description from the content in trello. And I could set the project now or later in toggl website or application. toggl__start_timer_in_trello toggl__edit_desc_and_project_when_start_time toggl__result_after_start_timer

Toggl also support start time in chrome browser. This is very similar to the plugin in trello toggl__start_timer_from_chrome_plugin toggl__edit_desc_and_project_when_start_timer_in_chrome

Toggl could support tomato work flow by setting the pomodoro timer to 25 minutes. toggl__set_pomodoro_timer__aka_tomato_method